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Refugees Get Beatdown in Russia for Groping Women

Trump Gets Surprise Endorsement

Is Obama Planning for a Third Term?

Why Black Liberals Shouldn’t Win the Lottery

Hillary Clinton’s Cayman Account Hypocrisies

Hackers Expose Names, Addresses & Other Data of Police Officers in the U.S.

How Will Obama Explain This?

Google Supplying Fox With Questionable Personality For Debates

This “Has Been” Republican Hack Had This to Say about Cruz and Trump

Another Liberal Wackademic Tied to ISIS

This Woman Jacked Up These Punks

Liberals Go After Another Flag

Priceless Response to FBI Probe by Hillary Clinton

HuffPo’s Shocking Predictions for 2016 are “Certifiable”

Al Gore Shows Trump The Art of the Deal

Why Obama Hates This Man

Muslims on Welfare Make This Demand

This Group Has The Most Vile Racists

An ObamaCare Story The Left Doesn’t Want Told

See How Popular Hillary Clinton REALLY Is

Candidate Obama Discusses Presidential Vacations

Clinton Foundation Money Laundering Scheme

Muslim Demand That Backfired

What Murderer Says To Parents of Victim Would Make Obama Proud

Karma: Black Lives Matter Thug Killed in Ironic Twist

Why Obama Should Be Considered Insane for this Top 10 List

Hawaii Not Very Proud of Obama

Australian Prime Minister’s Shocking Statement on Muslims

Hollywood Superstar Pardoned by CA Governor

Meet the Next Leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement

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