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Student Assaults Teacher Proving Students Are Not Wrong

Black Student at Columbia University Claims Reading Books About Whites Traumatized Her

Bet Black Liberals Don’t Know This About Obama

Millennials: Generation of Pansies

“And Tomorrow in Britain and America” – ISIS-Affiliated Media Sends Chilling Warnings

Letter from Mizzou: The Racist Ignorance of Annabel

Paris Vindicates Conservatives

Update: Comedy Club Asked to Remove This Video on Hillary Clinton

Guess What Feminists Want Men to Pay for Now?

Breaking: Dr. Ben Carson Not a Brain Surgeon

Hillary Clinton and Her Alligator Shoes

Two Black Cops Kill 6-Year-Old White Child: Imagine If Races Were Reversed

How Liberal Democrats Celebrate Halloween

College Dean Claims She Was Stopped For “Walking While Black”, Dash Cam Shows Otherwise

Licensed Gun Owner Saves Two Children From Carjacker

White Folks Beware: No Black Celebrity Costumes For Halloween

Funny Man Completely Destroys Feminism Using Feminists

Hillary Clinton Laughs at 12-Year Old Rape Victim

Another ObamaCare Exchange Failed

Immigrants’ Dreams Built Off The Backs Of Working Americans

Rolling Stone Outs Hillary Clinton

Worst Cities for Blacks: Bad News for Democrats

Putin Shows Obama How a Real Christian Acts

Chicago Public Schools: More Democrat Fraud

What this man does to this good Samaritan is shocking!

How Many People Really Watched the Democrat Debate

The Real Purpose Of Most Mosques

CNN Demands Ben Carson Recognize Obama’s “Christianity”

Would You Let Your Child Do This Assignment?

Obama’s New Education Secretary: Black Schools Coming to the Burbs

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