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Here’s What America Would Look Like Under Another Democrat

The Clintons Give Clinic In Exploiting Black People

The Ferguson Effect: Shocking Crime Stats for Braindead Moronic Leftists

Cops to Beyonce: Get Black Lives Matter to Provide Security

This Woman and Her Hat Need to Go

Spineless College Fires Retired General Due to LGBT Pressure

Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: Bill Clinton’s Stance on Immigration [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton dogged by Hollywood Elitist

Sanders Scuttles College

New York Times Caught Lying About Trump

College Students’ Gender Stupidity [VIDEO]

How Obama Destroyed a New Generation of Black People

Breaking: Muslims Won’t Assimilate and Here Are the Stats

WHOA! Hillary Clinton Denies BLM Entry to Her Event

Screw You Paul Ryan

Black Panther Calls for Slave Masters’ Deaths

Bill Clinton Racist Pandering

A Trump Parody Even Trump Supporters Will Enjoy (video)

John McCain and the Meth Lab?

Meet the White Republican Who Saved Baltimore Mayor’s Butt

Meet Leftist Progressive Black Racist Activist Denzel

Tea Party Riot in California (video)

DOJ: New PC Term for “Convicted Criminal”

Sharpton Race Hustling Again

Facebook Targets Bernie Sanders

35 Second Video That Should Sink Hillary Clinton

The Black Teen Employment Problem Captured in Video

Race Threat Hoax Could Land Black Student in Jail

This is How to Handle Disruptive Students

White Guy Pulls Black Race Card

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