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Meet Leftist Progressive Black Racist Activist Denzel

Tea Party Riot in California (video)

DOJ: New PC Term for “Convicted Criminal”

Sharpton Race Hustling Again

Facebook Targets Bernie Sanders

35 Second Video That Should Sink Hillary Clinton

The Black Teen Employment Problem Captured in Video

Race Threat Hoax Could Land Black Student in Jail

This is How to Handle Disruptive Students

White Guy Pulls Black Race Card

Hillary Clinton’s unflattering new title

Here’s what Obama doesn’t want you to know about Fast and Furious

Proof that Bernie Sanders is bat crap crazy!

In Jail 36 Years for Stealing His Own Tools

Girl Moved Aside for Queen Hillary (video)

Sneaky Leftists: Cleverly Eliminating 2nd Amendment for Some

Trump Called Racist: Kevin Jackson Explains “Real Racist”

Former NFL Great Asks: Do Black Lives REALLY Matter?

Jesus and the N-Word

Muslim Deputy Sheriff in FL: What Laws Will He Uphold?

Bill Clinton Admits This About Obama

Woman Harbors Cop Shooter Then Says This

Guess Who’s Cracking iPhone for FBI?

171,000 Percent Profit: Deal That Would Make Trump Proud

The Problem with Black Professors

Meet an Illegal Trump’s Been Talking About

The Clintons’ Rap Video: Must See For All Liberals

Criminals Get a New Tool to Thwart the Law

This Teen Thug Needs a Lesson

Black Lives Matter Agitators Warns White People of Riots if Trump Wins

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